Interior Painting in surrounding Sacramento areas and Northern CA

Rejuvenate your home's interior with interior painting services from the skilled teams at Harvey's House Painting in surrounding Sacramento areas and Northern CA. Our residential painting include:
Home Interior, Interior Painting in  surrounding Sacramento areas and Northern CA       
   •  Power Washing
   •  Exterior & Interior Painting
   •  Stain & Seals
   •  Cabinet Refinish
   •  Wood Repair & Replacement

We take the time to properly prepare your home for painting with extensive cleaning and repair work. If you have wood in or around the home that needs to be replaced, our staff handles it for you.  We even treat mildew and moss with preventive solutions and clean all surfaces to ensure a smooth and neat appearance.

Only experienced and trained employees are allowed to work on interior painting crews. In compliance with our insurance policies, we ensure that your furniture, flooring, and belongings are protected. We only use clean drop cloths, dedicated to interior use only for each inside job.

Prep Procedures

Harvey's interior painting procedures

Each and ever interior paint job is done with only one thing in mind, to deliver complete satisfaction. Working inside your home or business has if where are own home or business. There is always special care taking when working  on interiors. Only experience, trained, insured, and are Harvey's House Painters employees are allowed to work on interior homes and business.We take special care making sure your furniture, floors,counter tops, and your belonging are protected. We always use clean drops that are dedicated for interior use only. 


Interior Pre check list

When painting your interior of your home there are a few things that can help us succeed in delivering complete satisfaction.
1. Please have all your colors picked out and confirmed  prior to paint date.
2. Please make sure there is access to home or business on schedule time set.
3. Please remove all clothes and any items from closets if they are to be painted.
4.All furniture is moved away from painting surfaces by our employees, so please remove any items on top of tables, dressers, ect that need to be moved.
5. Please remove pictures and objects from walls prior to painting.
6. Please arrange pet care on days of painting.
7. Please be available for a walk around and a inspection of paint job upon completion of job.

Contact Harvey's House Painting located in surrounding Sacramento areas and Northern CA, to request an estimate for quick and affordable interior painting services.