Exterior Painting in surrounding Sacramento areas and Northern CA

Improve the condition of your home with a professional exterior painting job from Harvey's House Painting in surrounding Sacramento areas and Northern CA. Our painting contractors offer exterior painting services, which normally takes two days.

Day one involves the prep work involved in making your home paint ready. Since we never paint and prep the same day, we take care of all materials and belongings around the home, including the gutters and downspouts.

Painting Services

On paint day, we arrive early enough to perform a walk-around where we check all finished prep work. One of our staff discusses your paint colors and choices with you to determine proper color placement and detailing. Once we are finished with the discussion, we remove all light fixtures, address numbers and hose racks. For those looking to replace light fixtures, paint day is the perfect time.

House, Exterior Painting in surrounding Sacramento areas and Northern CA       
We take the steps to protect your non-paintable items including:
   •  Windows
   •  Walkways
   •  Driveways
   •  Plants
   •  Flowers
   •  Landscaping

Once properly covered, we remove all dirt, rocks, and bark from the home's foundation so paint is properly applied.  We begin painting once the above steps are taken. After painting the body of the home, we cover trimmings and detailing. Fascia boards and sides are brushed out, not rolled.

We also paint the doors. Since most doors are painted or stained in place, we request that they be open to facilitate the drying process.  One or two coats of paint, determined by your contract are applied to each surface.

Cleanup & Completions

After the painting is complete, we start cleanup. All waste materials are taken back to the shop where they may be properly disposed of.  Our staff completes one final walk-through with you to ensure that you are fully satisfied or we begin the process again.

To request an estimate for your exterior painting services, please contact
the professionals in surrounding Sacramento areas and Northern CA, at Harvey's House Painting.